A Warm Welcoming to the Next Stage

Friday, December 26, 3000

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..And Salam Sejahtera :D

We, from the 30th Batch of SAMURA humbly present to you a patchwork of essays from our brothers and sisters from various institutions, sincerely for you. We might not survive even the half of our program but we also cannot bear to see you dangling without any idea of the future. So, we try to help with every ounce of strength and time to be spare to help all of you.

Currently (when this post is written- 26th of December 2014), we have 12 posts from 12 different institutions and programs. We still in the progress of collecting and hoarding more posts and ideas from other members (we have sent about 40 invitations) and for all the inconveniences, flaws and incompleteness we offer our deepest apology to you.

We create the blog with various of purposes, namely;

1. To shed light regarding the programs offered for SPM-leavers. Most people can only name a very few choices of programs thus limiting their scope of vision for the next step so we are here to elaborate on some programs that might be secluded or unknown from most of us.

2. To clear the fog of stereotypes. Some people in our society firmly believed that a good future lies in over the sea but we, the Next Stage contributors believed that it is not even close to truth. The path of success is various in names, colors and length but only a stoic and strong heart can prevail regardless of any programs you will stranded on.

3. To provide a general picture of the ethos and atmosphere. You must realize that you are moving in a completely alien new world. You will meet new circles of friends (wuhuu!), new herds of crushes (ohyeahh!) and an entirely different and advanced syllabus (warghh?!). If you are not being mature enough, or for the 18 years you live in this wordly life being a baby or a pushover, this essays proved the essential tips to survive in the brave new world. Good luck in your voyage for the pre-adult world, saillor! Anchor aweigh!

You see the childish remarks above? Lesson 1: Do not be weird. Don't be weird but dare to be different, ok?

As you can see, the language in this blog is not as formal as in theses, we try to keep it cool and suit to our register as a normal human being. So, if there's any questions, you can it directly to our email; stagelain@gmail.com or just asked us in the twitter account (we got one? wowzers) or you can just contact the contributors directly.

We would like to end our simple preface by quoting a quote that many believed originated from a speaking turtle in a kung fu movie, but that's not the point.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift, that's why we called it present

That's all folks, may your steps be blessed and a blessing to our dying world.

The Contributors

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  1. Okayy. I get it. Syukran.

  2. Salam alaik contributors,first of all thanks to these awesome entries yg smmgnye brtujuan utk mmbntu spm-leavers,grateful enough yeah,but it might be more helpful to me if ade next stage utk program degree since i'm a matriculation student yg masih tak tau ke mane hala tuju lpas ni,,haha..dh google psal prog degree but still blurr x nmpk jln dgn jelas.. T_T

  3. Assalamualaikum. Thanks for create this blog as it's going to be helpful for me and the others ex spm candidates 2014. Tbh before this i was really blur about what to choose and how to make the real preparation after this. May Allah bless all of you. I'm a samurian batch 31 :))))

  4. Thanks really appreciate it. Hoped it shall help all of us spm leavers and I. Sincerely from chan b31

  5. Assalamualaikum really make me positive now thank you .. ;)

  6. Thanks a lot! You know, Im quite with my part-job and so on that I dont really have time to search for things like this, and you guys have made it easier. May Allah bless you :)

  7. a big thankyou from first batch MRSM TMFS :)

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