Pre-France Foundation Programme (Science Politic & Business Management)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Pre-France Foundation Programme (Science Politic & Business Management)

Assalamualaikum wbt et bonjour a tous! Je m’appelle Hidayatul Fitriah bt Hamid atau nama glamour yang lebih dikenali dalam kalangan SAMURAB30 ialah Fixc. Anyway you can call me Fixc if u want or Tia to be formal. So, right now I am currently studying in UniKL Malaysia France Institute (MFI) yang terletak di Bangi. Here, there are three of us, Samurian yang ambil course PreFrance Foundation Programme Science Politic & Business Management. That is me myself, my classmate Dalilah Ashikin Azhar(5 Gigih) and NurAnirazlina (5 Dinamik). So, basically a lot of people tak tahu sangat about this course. So I’m just going to briefly explain to all of you about the fundamental element which I think that could help most of the student lepasan SPM2014.

First of all, fixc ialah student tajaan MARA. I apply for biasiswa MARA right after SPM result like everyone else. This program memakan masa selama 2 tahun just like any preparatory program yang ada di Malaysia, be it International Baccalaureate (IB), A-Level, ADFP, AUSMAT, or Pre-Russian Programme. Their objective are the same that is to prepare student to overseas, but the different is that the surrounding and the environment of learning that offered by each institution.

What the hell is PRE-FRANCE PROGRAMME?

Okay, kat sini Fixc nak bagitahu yang Pre-france programme ada dua major course iaitu

· PreFrance Engineering Programme, for those yang rasa2 macam berminat nak sambung engineeringFrance satu hari nanti and,

· PreFrance Science Politic & Business Management, yang berminat dengan Social Science and Humanities.

So, basically I’ll tell you more about Science Politic rather than engineering okay. Apparently, kitaorang takde wakil for student engineering untuk program Pre-France dekat UniKL MFI. So, InsyaAllah Fixc akan ceritakan serba- serbi apa yang fixc tahu lah pasal engineering PreFrance program ni. But, to make it simple they actually lebih kurang sama lah. Everyone mesti aware kan nama pun PreFrance, so of course you guys akan fly ke FRANCE. The city of love, city of lights and etc. Ramai cakap course ni macam course buangan lah or everything. But hey, macam mana Malaysia nak maju kalau mereka asyik produce engineer, doctor or lawyer jer. Of course, without political relation there won’t even be a country. Tho some may say politics are corrupted. We, are the young generation who will stand and prove that it’s right. So like any courses you take, nothing is said to be course buangan lah ape lah. Because whatever you do for the sake of Allah, InsyaAllah it will contribute to the nation back. Enough with the talk.

So, untuk memudahkan dan menyenangkan student2 PreFrance bila nak fly ke sana dalam masa dua tahun nanti you guys diwajibkan ambil 10 jam French Language Class. Haaa, best kan ? Tak payah nak susah2 pergi carik extra language class. Sebab kat sini pun korang dah berpeluang untuk study your 3rd or maybe 4th language. The best part is yang mengajar you guys nanti ialah lecturer fresh from France. So, if you guys can cope with these French lecturer kat sini. Bila korang fly nanti takde masalah nak sesuaikan diri. Trust me, they are awesome!

Subject content.

So we move on to the subject content, for this first semester there are 6 subjects that you will learn.

1. FRP11506 - FRENCH 1


3. FNP10102 - ECONOMICS 1




Unlike IB Diploma, A-Level, ADFP or etc. Exam diorang dijalankan macam sistem SPM. Untuk Pre-France program kitaorang pakai Average Marks. Setiap semester akan ada tiga test. Test 1, Test 2 and Final Test. And one more thing, kitaorang tak pakai GPA 3.5 or pointer2 ke apa. Kitaorang kat sini 100% sistem French. So, kira macam every test korang kena dapat above or at least 10/20. Untuk sesiapa yang berminat untuk ambil course Political Science or Business Management ni. Fixc cadangkan korang banyakkan membaca isu2 semasa, sejarah2 Melayu, in fact I would recommend you guys untuk baca pasal sejarah Europe,Asia,Middle East and Africa. It will help you to get an overview of what you will learn later in this course. One thing for sure, you must have a good communication skills. That would be an obligation. As Fixc cakap earlier, 10 hours of French class, and there’ll be 4 hours of Mathematics, 2 hours of Economics, 6 hours of English, 4 hours of News Workshop and 4 hours of History. As you can see, language class lagi banyak daripada main course yang lain. That is because the lecturer want us to master the language first. But, don’t worry bila korang fly sana nanty, korang boleh choose nak belajar dalam English or French. It’s all up to you.

Entrance to the renowned and excellence schools in France.

So, untuk pengetahuan korang selepas korang dah Berjaya menamatkan pengajian selama lebih kurang 18 bulan di MFI. Korang akan diberi peluang untuk melanjutkan pelajaran di institusi-institusi yang terkenal dan terkemuka di France di bawah course Science Politic & Business Management. Antaranya ialah :

· Institut d'études politiques de Paris, atau lebih dikenali (Sciences Po Europe-Asia Campus, Le Harve, France) *Former Prime Minister of France graduated in Sciences Po.

· Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble

· SKEMA Business School, Nice

Why choose Science Politic & Business Management?

That’s a good question. To be honest, I never really good at science stream. So, I set my goals when I was in Samura that as soon as I graduated from this school there’ll be no more science subject. Though, there is still ‘science’ in science politics. But that wasn’t the case at all. Next, I always have a big dream. A dream to travel around the world and at the same time to learn their culture and to see the world with different perspective. You cannot blame anyone for their infatuation of their dreams. So, I say why not go for it. I apply for this course and Alhamdulillah. Everything seems to work out as I planned.

Life in MFI?

Life dekat UniKL ni I would say a bit different than other universities. Why? Well, let say korang boleh assume as if MFI ni macam another all boys school. Because 4/5 of the student here are men. Boleh dikira dengan jari lah jumlah mahasisiwi dekat MFI. Surprised huh? Sebab mostly student dekat MFI ni student2 engineering. Hostel untuk lelaki pun dua kali ganda daripada hostel perempuan. So kena pandai2 biasakan dirilah. Or else you’ll be like rusa masuk kampung something like that. Actually that’s not the point, my point is that untuk student Sciences Politic we are a minor group. So as a minor group in MFI that consists of only 20 students, comprises of 14 girls and 6 boys, we get overly attached between each other sometimes which is good eyy? Like one big happy family.

All in all, I guess that’s a bit of peace I could share with all of you. Kalau ada sebarang pertanyaan boleh contact Fixc okay J

Hidayatul Fitriah bt Hamid
Pre-France Foundation Programme (SPBM)

+60 17 389 2047
twitter: @TiaFitriah
facebook: Tia Fitriah

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  1. hi mcm mana nak apply course ini ? thank you

  2. if foundation , we get elaun or what ?

  3. saya pelajar SAMURA batch 33. terima kasih atas perkongsian. doakan saya juga berjaya umtuk fly ke france dlm bidang engineering